Can You Help my Passive Aggressive BPD Husband?


    Dear Doctor,

    Please point us in the right direction…my 39 year old husband is diagnosed with BPD with passive-aggressive…he just came home from the hospital because he wanted to commit suicide. (He had 2 serious suicide attempts five years ago) We had a discussion about his abusive father and his ex-wife (who had visitation taken off him 6 yrs. ago) and he ended up transferring all the blame to me.

    Because of his passive-aggressive tendencies, he said nothing until it was almost too late. He has severe epilepsy in his family (his daughter has “drop, cluster” seizures and is severely retarded, but a routine EEG on him was normal. He is taking Zyprexa and Wellbutrin..Prozac didn’t seem to work!

    Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.




    The passive aggressive disorder severely complicates the situation. It usually develops when an individual experiences enormous frustration and anger, and is afraid to express himself honestly.

    Forgiveness is the key here. Prozac followed by Tegretol is usually the best approach. I haven’t seen any borderline on Wellbutrin and Zyprexa who have done well. The screening test may be of enormous use to look for other diagnoses.


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