Doctor Heller-

My wife firmly believes that I have BPD after reading the information in your web page. I am not so sure. Based on your screening test I have some symptoms from several sections, but seem to fall into ADD more than the rest. I am moody, have a lack of joy, am a pack rat as far as tools, nuts and bolts, anything that could be used to fix something is involved. I quit drinking almost 20 years ago. I mention that because when I drank I did have the highs and lows, but since then I have had mostly “neutral” feelings, but I do have some depression that seems to work in about a 3 month cycle. I take B complex for the depression, and it does help.. I used to get feelings of doom, but haven’t had that in 6 or 7 years. I have to always be doing something, my mind is always working, am good at coming up with plans for business and stink at execution, I get lost in the details. On the DISC personality test I score High D/ High I. I also seem to drive everyone else “crazy”. I am 49 and have been this way all of my life. I guess I’m at the age where it’s wearing me out too. I hope that I have given you enough detail to form some opinion. Thanks for your web page–it’s very informative.



You might have the OCPD and the GAD as well. You may be thinking you have to “choose” which diagnosis you have, like a multiple choice question. It doesn’t work that way. The criteria for many disorders can be found on this Website, and my new book “Biological Unhappiness” goes into them at length, including why they happen and how they can be treated. You may have a thyroid or B12 problem as well, which can be checked with a simple blood test – and is often not performed as part of routine labwork. . You can have a terrific life, successful in every area. You have to get all the diagnoses comprehensively treated and retrain the brain. I’m sure this Website will be of help to you in this regard. There is no question that being vitamin deficient causes problems. I will shortly have a section on this Website on what you can do to be healthy.


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