Dear Dr. Heller,

I am under a physicians care and receive 25mg.  Tenormin daily (blood pressure) and 1mg Xanax up to 4X/day if needed.  I have had extreme success with this combination as I tend to have a somewhat explosive temper which is greatly relieved when I take this medicine (my family thinks so too!).  I was also diagnosed with HEP C in 1992.  I saw a liver specialist and treatment to me was unacceptable.  I know the cure is coming soon( I have bio-tech friend in the business).  My question is: What medication is least harmful to my liver?  My ongoing research shows Xanax metabolizes very quickly, thus less exposure to liver will cause less damage?  I tried Paxil and Zoloft.  Prozac is out of the question (sexual dysfunction big time, mood swings, on all those drugs).  Please respond ASAP as I am to see my Doctor on 05-22-00.  Buy the way, I’m a 48 y/o self-employed construction contractor and am in good physical condition – except for the HepC fatigue episodes I experience on occasion, and I consume no alcohol.  —John


No, neither Xanax nor Tenormin will injure your liver.  The problem is that your body is slower to metabolize the Xanax – meaning you have progressively higher blood levels as time goes on. I’d highly recommend you look at the screening test I use for my patients – it may explain what’s happening to you with these other medications.


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