Is Serzone Effective For The BPD?


    Dear Dr. Heller,

    My wife has been on Prozac for many years and has visited several therapists.   About two months ago our family Physician changed her from Prozac to Serzone.  She recently found a therapist familiar with BPD and diagnosed her as such.  The Serzone did not seem to be working so our family physician referred her to a psychiatrist.  He increased the dosage of Serzone.  It has  not seemed to help.  I have reviewed many websites and read books, and it  does not appear Serzone is an effective drug.  What are your thoughts on this, and if it is not effective what information is available to convince her psychiatrist to try something else.  Thanks.



    Like you, I have not found Serzone to be that effective a medication and I rarely prescribe it.  I have never found it of use for the BPD.  In the BPD section of my Website are many literature articles about the BPD and it’s treatment – particularly Prozac and Tegretol.  This information is a decade or more old and is still the best combination in my experience.  Making all the diagnoses using the screening test may be of enormous use as well.

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