Is There One Borderline Drug?

No, however target symptoms are reachable. While in some patients Effexor and Depakote are useful, for most the description by Drs. Coccaro and Karoussi in 1991 remains the most useful in my experience:

Mood instability due to abnormalities in the brain’s adrenergic and cholinergic systems responds to carbamazepine (Tegretol) and lithium.

Transient (temporary) psychotic phenomena due to abnormalities in the central dopaminergic systems responds to low dose neuroleptics (such as low doses of Haldol).

Impulsive, aggressive behavior due to abnormalities in the central serotonergic systems, respond to serotonergic agents (such as Prozac).

Coccaro EF, Kavoussi RJ; “Biological and pharmacological aspects of borderline personality disorder”, Department of Psychiatry Medical College of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Hospital Community Psychiatry 1991 Oct;42(10):1029-33




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