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States and Countries Dr. Heller’s Patients are From:

Patients come from all over the country and abroad for an evaluation of the BPD and other disorders of Biological Unhappiness.  For more information please click onto “Instructions for Office.”

The map below shows the states patients have come from to see Dr. Heller as a patient (colored in green):


Great Britain
The Netherlands

For patients coming to Okeechobee for “Biological Unhappiness” evaluation: including the BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder):

1)  Please understand that this is a regular medical practice, and while the necessary time will be spent, it will likely be interrupted due to the need to see many other patients.  The winter season (December through April) is extremely busy, the best time to visit is May through November.

2)  The cost is approximately $300-$400 for the first visit, $100-$175 for subsequent ones.  (There may be additional charges for laboratory tests and an EKG if a stimulant is needed for ADHD treatment.)

3)  One or two family members are encouraged to be in the room with the patient.  It is acceptable to tape record the session(s).  If language is a problem, please provide a concerned and competent translator.  Some of the time will be spent reading.

4)  There will be many forms to fill out, please follow the directions completely.  You may get these forms in advance to save time.

5)  With rare exception, the patient will only need to be seen initially, one or two days later, and then approximately 1 week later.  Some may benefit from an additional week, particularly those with attention deficit disorder.  Some patients want the educational opportunity to be seen daily, most want to be seen only for the most important issues.

6)  Please understand that it’s unusual for an individual to have ONLY the BPD.  The other diagnoses also need to be made and treated as part of the treatment plan.

7)  It would be wise to see therapist Mary Sales a few times while visiting here in Okeechobee.  She is located 1.5 hours away in Palm Beach.  (561) 686-9110.

8)  The best places to stay are the Holiday Inn Express (863) 357-3529 or Pier II Motel (873) 763-8003 or the Flamingo Motel (863) 763-6100 — although very inexpensive lodging is also available.  Restaurant choices are limited.  Okeechobee is less than two hours away from the ocean and all Orlando area attractions.  The closest airports are West Palm Beach (1.5 hours away) and Orlando (2 hours away).

9)  A summary of the diagnoses and what should be done will be given to you, and copies of your notes will be made available for you.  This plan can be followed by your health care providers at home.
(2000 September 26)


One Response to Okeechobee Family Practice

  1. Bev Mueller says:

    Dear Dr. Heller,
    I am a LMHC and LMFT and I purchased your DVD t on BPD awhile back, (great material I might add!) but it didn’t work properly in most DVD players. I’ve had my clients watch it and have been trying to get their own doctors to as well so they can be treated properly. I’ve been meaning to contact you about getting a replacement for this DVD since it’s hard for most clients to watch…

    I originally contacted you about 15 years when my daughter showed symptoms of BPD – she is now 30. About a month ago when she was having daily phosphoric episodes, I handed her this DVD and asked her to watch it and told her which DVD player it would work in. She said she didn’t get around to watching it, so a few moments ago I went to get it only to find that she had destroyed it!

    I would like another copy of this disk along with the free updates that is printed on the cover. I also see that this was set as a two disk series and I would also like the other disk to go with it. Please let me know how to go about purchasing the other disks and how to get the replacement DVD and updates.

    Thank you so much for all that you do – so wish we lived closer – I would love to refer my clients to you as well as my daughter!

    Bev Mueller

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