What’s causing my memory and mood problems?


    Dear Doctor,

    I am not asking for a diagnosis, but I would like to understand.  I do not seem to have long-term or short-term memory.  I don’t remember my childhood (this could be from things that were bad, so I wanted to forget), or last week.  I don’t seem to retain information.  I read a lot and such, but I can’t remember enough to bother reading.  It seems to take me a lot longer to recall information than others.  It takes me normally 1 hour to 3 days to recall something.

    I do not finish tasks, nor do I seem motivated.  I don’t seem to care about anything.  I am not happy the majority of the time.  I also get mad a lot and have fits of rage.  I can plan fun stuff for my kids, but after 10 minutes, I don’t want to.  I yell a lot.

    I was told in high school that I was dyslexic, because I have trouble spelling, I was told that I did not have a speech problem.  I think I do.

    Can you give me some idea of what is wrong.  Also, I seem to switch from happy to mad at the drop of a hat.


    The memory problems are likely related to ADHD (http://www.BiologicalUnhappiness.com/AD-H-Dcr.htm) and the BPD (http://www.BiologicalUnhappiness.com/bpd.htm)

    It’s very common to have both ADHD and the BPD.  Memory problems are common in both.  Sometimes B12 deficiency can contribute to the memory problems.

    A lot of my dyslexia patients have ADHD with the generalized anxiety disorder.  I’d recommend you look into all of these diagnoses.  The screening test might be of help, and can be found at http://www.BiologicalUnhappiness.com/screen.htm

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